09 JULY 2024

REVO at FIP Lyon: Innovation in Thermoplastic Polyurethanes

REVO strengthens its international presence at the FIP trade fair in Lyon

REVO SpA is pleased to announce its recent participation in the FIP ( France Innovation Plasturgie ) trade fair, held in Lyon from June 4 to 7. This event represents a significant step in our strategy to expand into foreign markets, particularly the French market.

A prominent event in the plastics industry

FIP is recognized as one of the major events in the French market for leading plastics processors, serving as a crucial meeting point for the entire supply chain. Our participation underscores REVO's commitment to serving the French market and providing cutting-edge solutions to local customers.

Successful presentation of REVO products

Thanks to our commercial team in France, REVO successfully presented:

1. Our innovative range of flexible products, including:

  • REVOPURE: Fossil-based Thermoplastic Polyurethanes
  • REVOBIO: Bio-based Thermoplastic Polyurethanes

2. Our exceptional level of customer service, demonstrating REVO's ability to offer customized solutions and dedicated support

Opportunities and future prospects

The FIP trade fair offered REVO a valuable platform to:

  • Establish contacts with key industry players
  • Present our product range to a specialized audience
  • Better understand the specific needs of the French market

Encouraged by the success achieved at FIP, we are confident in our ability to establish solid business relationships in France and further expand our presence in this dynamic market.

REVO will continue to pursue its global growth strategy, focusing on innovation and service excellence.